The most attractive and enjoyable P2P games on the market


A sophisticated functionality integrated
within a simple and intuitive user interface.

  • +100 features under the hood
  • 3 different gameplays
  • Wide selection of board visuals
  • Beautiful dice animations


A popular p2p game that combines the elements
of skill and luck and is enjoyed in many countries
around the world.

  • Based on vast data analysis and player
    gaming behavior patterns
  • Several types of gameplay
  • Wide choice of board and stone visuals
  • Customized limits and features


An online version of one of the most beloved card
games in the post-soviet countries.

  • Authentic detailed design
  • Familiar experience with realistic board
    designs and card styles
  • Constantly fine tuned according to
    player behavior patterns


A very popular card game widely enjoyed
in post Soviet Union countries. It is played
by three or four players.

  • Intuitive user interface
  • Fast load and smooth gameplay


A simplified version of poker, with specific
gameplay rules and modified mechanics.

  • Custom multiplayer game
  • Adapted to online environment
  • Specifically adapted and tailored
    for local market
  • Smart Localisation

Not Listed Here?

We always search for popular games in local markets and then adapt the gameplay to transform them into online products.

We work with complicated gameplay rules and tailor design and interface to the local markets

Our card game engine can be adjusted to almost any card game in the world