Casino Games

OUTSTANDING games with INNOVATIVE Math Model and CUSTOMIZED design

Fully Localized

We create customized slots based on local pop culture,
famous stories, well-known characters
and popular themes.

  • Unique “Risk Game” Feature
  • Fully Customizable

Table Games

  • Realistic, dynamic and random ball Animation
  • Real-life physics and calibrated spin performance
  • Realistic 3D rendering with 30 fps animations
  • No latency or lag
  • Light games with faster load times and
    less user drop-outs

Live Casino

Continuous experience from your land-based
environment to your online and mobile
gaming offering

  • Customized and tailored to your land-based
    casino setup
  • Equipment, hardware and software setup
  • Realistic 3D rendering with 30 fps animations
  • Full HD video quality / 1080p resolution
  • Unique morel of LIVE Jackpots
  • Player game session history

Card Games

We customize and visually remodel our card games using
localized content, making it more appealing
to your players.

Mobile Casino Games

All games are fully supported across smartphones and tablets.