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With our INNOVATIVE software we can give you an edge on the market that will change your business forever! Our OUTSTANDING systems and games perform significantly better than any existing alternatives! We are putting our best effort in the CUSTOMIZED content, which is the key to our success.

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Singular’s slot games ecosystem allows fast development of new slots and easy customisation of existing games.

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Our Live casino products are tailored to your land-based casino setup.

A good replacement for our Live casino offering for players who are interested in quicker, dynamic gaming experience.

We achieve truly life-like experience with real physics and calibrated spin performance.

Games ⁄ >

We always search for popular games in local markets and then adapt the gameplay to transform them into online products. We work with complicated gameplay rules and tailor design and interface to the local markets.

Games ⁄ >

Along with online and mobile Keno, we offer a 3D Keno for your retail environments.

Pokerbet is a binary betting card game, in which players bet on outcomes of a poker game.

Toto is a sports pool-betting game, in which players must predict a number of match results correctly to win.


We collaborate and work with the most outstanding content providers and partner companies.